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Ready Hire

Package – $299

  • Effortless Screening and Shortlisting: Enjoy an in-depth service designed to streamline the screening and shortlisting process, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Interviews: We take care of scheduling at least 3 interviews with the most promising candidates from the initial screening. 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Not completely satisfied? No worries. We are committed to providing an additional 3 candidates at no extra cost.
  • How It Works 

     -Upon purchasing this package, we start a thorough analysis of your business. 

     – A one-hour session is conducted to comprehensively discuss all your requirements. 

     – We locate candidates according to your specified requirements. 

     – Next, we reach out to them with phone calls. 

     – Shortlisting of suitable candidates for you. 

     – Booking the 3 best candidates for final interviews with the client. 

     – Providing all details for the booked candidates’ interviews to the client, including resumes, interview notes, and LinkedIn profiles. 

     – Sending rejection emails to the remaining two candidates.