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Performance Management

Helps businesses manage employee performance, behaviour, and development. It promotes high performance, engagement, and career development while also managing risk and promoting compliance with company policies and procedures.

Remote Work Policy: Remote work policies help manage the risks associated with managing remote workers, including communication, productivity, and data security. Our HR business partners can establish policies for remote work, including expectations for work hours, communication protocols, and equipment requirements. This can help ensure that remote workers are productive and engaged while also reducing the risk of legal liability and data breaches.

Time Management Software: Time management software can help employers manage and monitor employee productivity, attendance, and performance. This software can also help automate time tracking, scheduling, and leave requests, which can reduce the risk of errors and compliance issues.

Employee Feedback: Providing regular feedback to employees is essential for managing performance and promoting employee engagement. Our HR business partners can establish feedback channels, such as performance reviews, one-on-one meetings, or anonymous surveys. This can help identify areas for improvement, provide recognition for good performance, and promote open communication.

Performance Improvement Plans: Performance improvement plans (PIPs) are tools used to help employees improve their performance. PIPs typically include specific goals and objectives, as well as timelines for improvement. Our HR business partners can use PIPs to manage performance issues and reduce the risk of termination or legal liability.

Disciplinary Actions: Disciplinary actions, such as verbal warnings, written warnings, or suspension, can help manage employee performance and behaviour issues. Our HR business partners can establish clear policies for disciplinary actions, including guidelines for appropriate behaviour, consequences for non-compliance, and procedures for investigation and resolution of complaints.

Incentives: Incentives, such as bonuses, commissions, or stock options, can help motivate employees and promote high performance. Our HR business partners can establish incentive programs that align with company goals and objectives, as well as provide clear criteria for eligibility and payout.

Career Development: Career development programs can help employees build skills and competencies, which can promote high performance and career advancement. Our HR business partners can provide training and development opportunities, mentorship programs, or tuition reimbursement to support employee growth.

Promotions: Promotions can help recognize and reward high performance and provide employees with opportunities for career advancement. Our HR business partners can establish clear criteria for promotion, such as job performance, skills, or tenure, as well as provide transparent communication about promotion opportunities and processes.


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