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People Analytics

People analytics is the process of analysing HR data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions that can improve an organization’s performance. By using people analytics, organizations can save time and money by identifying and fixing the root causesof a business’s stagnation and increase overall organizational effectiveness. By leveraging data and analytics, organizations can make better decisions that result in a more engaged and productive workforce, improved business outcomes, and increased profitability.

HR Tech Stack – Our HR business partner will be the mastermind behind the HR tech stack, carefully selecting and implementing the right HR technology solutions to boost productivity and employee engagement. They will utilize cutting-edge software, tools, and platforms to streamline HR processes, optimize workforce management, and make data-driven decisions, creating a better workplace experience for everyone.

Talent Management – Our HR business partner will oversee talent management, which involves identifying high-performing employees, developing strategies for retaining and developing them, and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce. This helps to maximize employee potential and contribute to the organization’s overall success

HR Analytics–Our HR Business Partners use data to inform decision-making processes, rather than relying solely on subjective opinions or assumptions. By analyzing and interpreting data, organizations can gain insights, reduce errors, and make more informed and accurate decisions, ultimately improving outcomes.

Performance Metrics –Our HR Business partners deploy quantitative measures used to evaluate and track progress towards goals, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. Dashboards can be implemented to highlight productivity, quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Hierarchy Chart–Our HR Business partners design and build an organogram which is a visual representation of an organization’s hierarchy, showing the structure of positions, reporting relationships, and roles and responsibilities. It helps employees understand the organization and aids in decision-making, communication, and planning.

Workforce Management – Our HR business partner will be responsible for optimizing the workforce through activities such as scheduling, time and attendance management, workforce planning, performance management, and employee engagement to ensure the right people are in the right roles at the right time.

Prediction Model– OurHR business partner will develop and use prediction models to forecast future workforce trends and behaviour. These models use historical data to identify patterns and make data-driven predictions about workforce needs, allowing for proactive decision-making and planning.

Diversity Metrics – Our HR business partner will be a champion for diversity and inclusion by keeping an eye on the diversity metrics. These metrics measure the representation and inclusion of different groups within the organization. By analyzing and tracking these metrics, they will identify areas of under-representation and promote a more diverse and inclusive workforce, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Succession Planning – Our HR business partner will oversee succession planning, which involves analysing workforce data to identify potential future leaders and developing plans to ensure a smooth leadership transition. This helps to ensure that the organization has the right people in place to meet future business goals.


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